Buyer Advocate Service

8At BRQ CHASE we act as Buyer Advocates, acting only for you and your best interest. No matter what your property need is, either to purchase an over $500,000 investment property, a multi-million dollar prime residence or large scale commercial property, we will deliver the best possible result to you.

This is important because although most properties will appreciate in value over time, some properties perform better than others. Having a professional standing by your side will increase your success rate to identify and realise the opportunity.

As your Buyer Advocate, we find you the right property in the right place at the right price, then help you to buy it.

This means that we help you plan your property purchase in terms of choice of location, affordability and finance, and then search the market to find properties which meet your criteria.

And when we find the right property for your needs, we will negotiate with the vendor’s selling agent on your behalf and or bid at Auction for you – aiming to make sure you pay the lowest possible price. Then we can also help you to get finance with a lender and handle the conveyance with your solicitor. During the whole purchasing process, there are no "steps" for you. It is simple and hassle free. We will do all the hard work.


For purchasing commercial property, it requires particular expertise and market knowledge. Our team has built up exceptional skills and networks in the commecial section to assist our sophiscated clients with their needs. Either for private investor or corporate investor, we can act on behalf as your professional agent to source the best suitable property on demand. The type of commercial property we can find for you includes development site, office building, shopping center, retail shops, etc.


We promise top services to our clients and our consultations are absolutely complimentary.