Online Landlord Instruction

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Note: A contact other than owner of the rental property is required as an alternate source of instruction in the event of an emergency.

Note: Rental statements are prepared and posted to the owners' address whilst all monies collected are directly credited to the above account.

If you want your statements emailed to you, please supply a email address.

Note: As we require tenants to pay their rent monthly in advance, we prepare and send statements monthly for all rents that have been collected during the preceding month.

Note: If the Body Corporate has amended the Standard Rules, a copy of those rules must be provided to the tenant in accordance with the provision of the Subdivision Act.

Note: We strongly suggest that the rental property and its owners' potential liability are fully covered and that the level of cover is reviewed annually.

It is a requirement of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 that all tenants are provided with a statement detailing whether or not the agent can carry out urgent repairs on behalf of the landlord and if so, up to what amount. The monetary limit for urgent repairs that can now be directly organized by the tenant has been increased to $1,000

We will always attempt to contact you in the event of any repairs that are required to the property. However, in the case of an urgent repair when you cannot be contacted, we will arrange for the work to be carried out by one of our team of qualified tradespeople. If you have your own preferred tradespeople, please provide the following information:

The Authority to Lease and Manage your property that you have already signed authorise us to sign all tenancy agreements on your behalf. If this is contrary to your needs, please contact us immediately. By submitting this instruction form, you are authorizing us to select tenants, to collect rents due, issue receipts for all money collected, exercise your right to terminate tenancy agreements and tenancies in accordance with the provisions of the Residential Tenancy Act 1997, serve relevant notices upon tenants subject to this Act and attend Tribunal hearings on our behalf whenever necessary,